Request New Tag

All you have to do to receive your FREE Shelter Angel Tag is sending us a single message containing:

  1. Brief, inspiring story of your adoption. A paragraph or so is fine.
  2. Photos of your pet (before/after would be great!) and
    a photo of your shelter / rescue operation provided adoption document (so we can verify the adoption took place).
  3. Your full name & Mailing address* – so we can send your SuperPetTag ASAP

You can send this information to us in one of the following ways:

  • Via e-mail
    Send an email to with the story of your adoption, address and photos attached as images. This is the preferred way.
  • Via FB Messenger
    Send a facebook messenger post to ourShelterAngel facebook page – by clicking this messenger link:  Add the story, address and photos to your message.

When your application is accepted, we will send you, via First Class Mail – a note of our appreciation and your new tag with activation instructions in a standard letter envelope. FREE shipping.

As a part of this program, please note that we may share your submission story and pet photos online – so we can save more animals. Your address and adoption document will stay confidential.

Thank you for being a Shelter Angel!


* Please see our FAQ page for program coverage and answers to other common questions.