For Shelters


Are you operating a Pet Shelter?  A Volunteer Rescue Organization?

Now, you can help animals in need – and – earn cash income at the same time: With Dynotag Associate Program (learn more)

You can become a Dynotag Associate in a matter of minutes – and start earning generous commissions on our entire selection of Smart Tag products at our online store! Commissions start at 25% and boost up to 35% as you sell more!  No stock to keep, no sales to process and ship – dynotag online store handles all the work – and tallies your commissions in real time.

Become a Dynotag Associate now by following these simple steps:

  1. Set up a free dynotag store account to start the process. Just visit then click “Sign-in” and click “Create a store account”. You will now be signed in to the store.
  2. Click “Rewards” from the menu to go to the “Rewards” page – then
  3. Click the “Become​ ​an​ ​Associate​” button to submit your application. You will be providing a base coupon name at this step. Choose a short, memorable name.

Most applications are finalized the same day – and you can start earning revenue immediately​!

Furthermore, if you have a front desk operation where you offer pet accessories, Dynotag will make its entire Super Pet Tag selection available to you at deep discounts exclusive to pet shelter operators – to help your operation with additional income.

Dynotag’s  patented Smart Tags, developed in cooperation with first responders and police, go far beyond ordinary tags of the past.  Maintenance-free, with  NO batteries or electronics, they are tough and include a subscription to advanced features for LIFE.  Learn more about Dynotags here!

Should you need, we can even build custom branded/shaped tags for your organization and promotion campaigns. More information on our custom tags program here

Advantages of offering our standard products to your community:

  • Direct  cash revenue for your operation.
  • Thanks to patented capabilities of our Smart Tags, you do not have to operate any tag engraving machine, etc.  Customers activate and update the tags right from their smartphone or home computer or tablet, etc. – our products are truly self-serviced.
  • Beyond the basic function of simple recovery – our tags function as a full-on information repository  maintaining all relevant documentation and records for the pet.
  • At no extra cost to tag owners, Dynotag Smart Tags provide a built-in “Good Samaritan Rewards” program to provide an incentive for recovery! (learn more)
  • Dynotags feature Lifetime Warranty via an automated on-demand replacement process, enabling owners to request a warranty replacement at any time, for any reason! (learn more). Because tag contents are hosted by Dynotag Cloud Service – the information in a dynotag cannot be lost when the physical tag is lost! Customers simply get a warranty replacement, with the same information.

With all these rich, industry leading features, and easy use, we guarantee your customers will be delighted!

And finally: Thank you very much for all the tireless work you do to help our furry friends in need!  We hope to work together and help more of them find happy homes they deserve. They are counting on us!